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Many of the soldiers tried to distract themselves by singing and playing instruments, and the resulting patriotic marches and sad ballads became a musical legacy of the conflict.Newspapers–many of which featured reports directly from the battlefield–were more widely distributed than ever before, shaping the public’s wartime experience to a greater extent than any previous conflict.

In addition, the South never developed an adequate system of taxation and was unable to produce what it needed or export the goods it did produce, due to the increasingly effective Union blockade of the Atlantic coast.Mathew Brady, who by 1861 had built a successful career taking daguerreotype photographs of politicians, authors, actors and other famous figures, decided to make a complete record of the war.Hiring a staff of photographers (including Alexander Gardner and Timothy H.By comparison, the North had relatively little trouble financing the war effort.Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act of 1861, which included the first personal income tax in American history; the new Internal Revenue Board began collecting taxes the following year.

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Music proved to be a much-needed diversion for both Union and Confederate troops.

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